AW: [Proj] PROJ 4.6.0 beta1 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Nov 30 11:12:15 EST 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> uwe.schmitz at wrote:
>> Frank,
>> I tested the new version and it seems to me that grid shifts are 
>> ignored now.
>> E.g. the example from ticket 1531 "Grid shifts give wrong results" 
>> brings now back exactly the input coordinate without
>> doing any shift.
> Uwe,
> I just tried a NAD27 -> NAD83 grid shift like this and it seemed to
> be doing something:
> warmerda at amd64[73]% cs2cs +proj=utm +zone=11 +datum=NAD27 +to +proj=utm 
> +zone=11 +datum=NAD83
> 300000 4000000
> 300004.77       4000200.77 0.00
> Could you be more specific about what you did, and also verify you have
> the correct grids findable?  Setting the PROJ_DEBUG environment variable
> set to a non-empty value can help determine if grid shift files are
> successfully found.


Following up on my own message. When I set PROJ_DEBUG I discovered it wasn't
actually finding a grid file, and for that matter I was running the version
the older version of PROJ that I had installed, not my build version!

However, after pointing PROJ_LIB at my actual grid shift files things do
seem to be working:

cs2cs +proj=utm +zone=11 +datum=NAD27 +to +proj=utm +zone=11 +datum=NAD83

pj_open_lib(proj_def.dat): call 
fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/proj_def.dat) - succeeded
pj_open_lib(proj_def.dat): call 
fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/proj_def.dat) - succeeded
300000 4000000
pj_open_lib(conus): call fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/conus) - succeeded
Ctable Conterminous United States 273x121: LL=(-131,20) UR=(-63,50)
pj_open_lib(alaska): call fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/alaska) - succeeded
Ctable Alaska 529x249: LL=(-194,46) UR=(-128,77)
pj_open_lib(ntv2_0.gsb): call fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/ntv2_0.gsb) - 
pj_open_lib(ntv1_can.dat): call 
fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/ntv1_can.dat) - succeeded
NTv1 393x177: LL=(-142,40) UR=(-44,84)
pj_open_lib(conus): call fopen(/home/warmerda/bld/share/proj/conus) - succeeded
pj_apply_gridshift(): used Conterminous United States
299919.76       4000197.43 0.00

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