[Proj] PROJ.4 and local coordinate systems

joeri.theelen joeri.theelen at arts.kuleuven.be
Tue Aug 12 08:40:26 EDT 2008


Is it possible to use PROJ.4 or any of its related tools to transform
coordinates from a local carthesian system into another local carthesian
system (thus both are not earth related).

I inherit lots of datasets in many different formats for an archaeological
site, with coordinates measured in two different local systems (shift in
time). I managed to get the transformation parameters to transform sets of
coordinates between both systems, with minor error. By transformation, I
mean translation, rotation and dilation (scale factor) of the X/Y
coordinates only, not height.

I also managed to get the transformation parameters from both local systems
to the UTM system in use in that area. Thus, transforming from local to UTM
to local would be an option as well.

Can anybody help me with this? I know programming such a tranformation would
be trivial, but I need the power and flexibility of a tool like "cs2cs" to
cope with the many different formats I am facing.

Thank you,
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