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In the ticket, Frank wrote: 

> I'd like some supporting documentation indicating 
> that ETRS89 is essentially equivalent to WGS84.

May I quote myself:

> However, for most practical purposes, ETRS89 can be regarded as 
> identical to WGS84 ... The difference is mainly caused by the 
> continental drift since 1989, which moves Europe (and ETRS89) 
> about 2 cm/year towards east-northeast. Differential GPS in Europe 
> will (primarily) give coordinates in ETRS89, but such coordinates 
> are often called "WGS84 coordinates", in a loose sense of the word. 
  (From the Carmenta Engine manual.)

My primary source is the text by the British Ordnance Survey,
which, by the way, I find wonderfully clear and easy to read. 
ETRS89 is described in section 4.2.4.  

I admit that the guide does give some (time-dependent) 7-parameter 
transformations between WGS84 and ETRS89, in section 6.5.  But as I 
understand it, these would be needed only for special scientific 
applications (perhaps interferometry with very long baselines, where 
observatories on different continents have to cooperate.)  For everyday 
mapping, ETRS89 is used.  For positioning, if you use GPS with differential 
correction, you will also get ETRS89.  And if you use GPS without differential 
corrections, then you will indeed get WGS84 instead of ETRS89, but the accuracy 
will be worse than the (currently) half-metre difference between the datums, 
so it will not matter anyway. 

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Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Hi,
> Is a fix for "ETRS89-based CRSs missing datum definition" included?
> [1]http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/ticket/11


No, that issue is not resolved yet (as is implied in the ticket).

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