[Proj] Re: Global Gauss-Kruger and libproj4---the final story

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Fri Aug 29 17:57:24 EDT 2008

I have no quarrel with how libproj4 addresses the problems of projection. Nothing prevents anyone from writing a wrapper that moves any remaining burdens away from the client while still keeping them separate from libproj4's responsibilities. The dispute was in the existence and nature of those burdens, not whether libproj4 is "deficient". Libproj4 is a valuable product as it stands.

Again, I apologize for the unseemly exchange. It probably was not relevant to most users of libproj4. If anyone wants to discuss boundary problems they are grappling with, feel free to contact me privately.

-- daan Stree

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strebe wrote:
> Timeline:

You've got to be kidding!

It's clear to me that you both understand the issues at hand, only 
really disagree on how best a projection library should address them.

Why in the world are you arguing all these symantics?

You both are being big babies here -- please stop!


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