[Proj] Mapping Africa in an equal area projection

Corrado Topi ct529 at york.ac.uk
Fri Dec 5 04:18:23 EST 2008

Dear friends,

I would like to map distribution of some specimen over Africa at a
resolution of 100 km x 100 km (or even down to 25 km x 25 km): I believe I
need an Equal area projection. My original files, with the data, are .csv,
with lat/long + measurement (real number). I need to carry out some file
(.csv) transformation between projections. 

I gathered some information, and ended up with the following list of
candidate projections:

1) Sinusoidal
2) Equatorial Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
3) Albers Equal Area (Conic)
4) Mollweide
5) Cylindrical Equal Area

I do not really know which one to choose. What do you recommend?

For each of them, which ellipsoid  and datum would you choose? 

I already read the usual stuff (like UGSPP 1395 document - Map Projections -
A Working Manual and co.).

Corrado Topi

Global Climate Change & Biodiversity Indicators
Department of Biology, University of York, UK

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