[Proj] Re: WGS84 Lat Lon to XYZ convercion

Alekos Ntermaris ntermaris at iqsoft.gr
Fri Feb 1 11:47:42 EST 2008

Thanks Frank Thats worked!!!!!!!
It was the geocentric transformation as you correctly mensioned.....

O/H Frank Warmerdam έγραψε:
> Alekos Ntermaris wrote:
>> The problem is that using the pj_fwd function i get the same results 
>> as the input ( lon , lat) and not XYZ....
> Alekos,
> I haven't followed this thread closely, but you pj_fwd() and pj_inv() only
> do geographic <-> projected transformations.  If you want to do a
> transformation involving datum shifts or geocentric coordinates you should
> be using pj_transform().
> When you refer to XYZ coordinates, are you mean geocentric?  That is, 
> meters
> from the center of the earth in the x, y and z axes?  If so, you should
> use +proj=geocent with pj_transform() or it's commandline equivelent cs2cs.
> For example:
>  cs2cs +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84 +to +proj=geocent +datum=WGS84
> -117 55  (input)
> -1664598.63     -3266958.75 5201383.52 (output)
> Best regards,

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