[Proj] PROJ as embeddable framework for Mac OS

Hal Mueller hal at mobilegeographics.com
Fri Jan 4 18:36:58 EST 2008

I need to reconfigure PROJ as an embeddable framework for Mac OS.   
This is so that I can make a drag-and-drop installable app (one that  
does not need an installer, as is recommended by current Apple  
guidelines).  The binaries posted on the Kyngchaos site are built as  
system-wide frameworks.

The Kyngchaos port has this tantalizing note in the ReadMe.rtf:

> Before linking (or maybe after linking) the framework copy's  
> install_name and library paths should be changed using  
> install_name_tool.  A handy relative path that can be used is  
> @executable_path, this is the location of the app executable.   So  
> a path to the framework within the app package would be  
> @executable_path/../Frameworks/PROJ.framework/PROJ.
> You would have to change the id of the framework, and the  
> dependencies of the framework that are also included in the app  
> package, to be relative paths.  This can get messy.
> Currently there is an additional consideration: the data folder.   
> It is normally hardwired into the library, but there is also an  
> environment variable to override that.  It's up to the programs  
> using PROJ to take care of this.

What exactly do I need to pass as arguments to install_name_tool?   
What -id am I working with?

What are the "messy" dependencies referred to?

What change do I need to make to manage the data folder?  What's the  
default as built?

This would be a lot easier to understand if the build instructions  
were included in the framework.  Or are they now included if I do a  
configure/build on the Mac?


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