[Proj] Lambert tangent form to Lambert secant form

RICHARD Didier didier.richard at ign.fr
Sun Jan 13 13:18:04 EST 2008

Hi all,

I am facing a bug in the MapInfo driver of GDAL that might need some
modifications of PROJ.4. The bug is two fold :

- MapInfo driver only supports 1SP LCC when building the CoordSys string.
Before, I implement an algorithm that modify LCC 1SP parameters to LCC 2SP
parameters. I would like to know whether someone on the list has already
implemented such a code. Another point is how to wrap that in GDAL (I
address this question to those who are on both list);

- When I use a SRS definition with both nadgrids and towgs84 parameters in
a PROJ.4 string, the later is not taken into account. Therefore, a WKT
string of such a SRS lacks the TOWGS84 block. As a consequence, the
MapInfo driver is not able to code the datum correctly (104 is written
which is the WGS84 datum). I would like to suggest to modify
pj_datum_set.c to keep storing towgs84 values even when nadgrids have been
encountered. The idea is to keep the datum_type has PJD_GRIDSHIFT in order
to keep precise coordinates transformation with grid and to parse the
towgs84 (from line 113). I don't know if there are known or already
debated issues on that, but I would like to know whether this idea is
correct or not.

Any comments/suggestions ?


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