[Proj] Re: Linear projections reply

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Tue Jul 1 13:32:15 EDT 2008

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Dan Strebe:

You'd said:

Cylindric projections are a specialization of pseudocylindric.  Whether it is incorrect to call a cylindric projection  "pseudocylindric" is something best left to  those of uselessly  pedantic temperment.

I'd replied:

 Oh come on now, you're saying that no one should ever say anything about the merits of a term.

You replied:

I fail to see how my comment could be interpreted anywhere nearly so generally. 

I reply: 

Well, specifically, if ever there was a map projection term that needed a new name, it's "pseudocylindrical", when interpreted to encompass "cylindrical".

If there's some specific reason why it would be uselessly pedantic to suggest a better word for that particular term, you failed to tell it. We're talking about a prefix used in a way contrary to its otherwise universally-accepted meaning, making a self-contradictory usage.

You said:

This does not seem to be going anywhere. Good luck. 

I reply:

Well, it was a nonstarter when you posted your unexplained remark quoted at the beginning of this post. Good luck with what? You made a statement and I answered it. It isn't clear why you expected it to go somewhere after that.

Mike Ossipoff

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