[Proj] PROJ 4.6.1 RC1

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jul 21 21:41:08 EDT 2008


I have prepared a release candidate for a 4.6.1 release.


4.6.1 Release Notes

  o Upgraded to EPSG 6.17 version for nad/epsg.  Also corrected the precision
    problem introduced in the last version.

  o Added logic for tmerc projection to fail rather than return crazy results
    if more than 90 degrees away from the central meridian (#5).  This change
    may only be temporary till a more comprehensive solution is found.

  o Fixed handling of extra text in cs2cs.


  o The eqc projection has been generalized to include a latitude of origin.

  o Added the glabsgm (Gauss Laborde / Sphere Geometric Mean) projection

  o nad/IGNF init catalogue created.

  o added the ntf_r93.gsb datum shift file.

I'd appreciate some feedback before declaring this an official release.

Best regards,
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