[Proj] Some Map Projection Formula Resources

Paul B. Anderson pbander at cavtel.net
Wed Jun 18 12:08:54 EDT 2008

- Hi Everyone,

I thought I might share with you some of the Map Projection Formula 
resources that I have:

- John Parr Snyder's personal software [MSDOS, Quick Basic source code] . 
While his software is fully functional (send me an e-mail if you want to 
know more) most people just extract it to a single subdirectory (or Folder) 
and pull out the formulas (Warning -- John's code is not easy to follow):

German Cartographer Hans Maurer's 1935 map projection catalogue:

== file descriptions ==

-  MP_Class.txt            05-Oct-2007 18:19  2.6K
 My text from a long forgotten Usenet post - it can also be found here:

- In the 1930s Hans Maurer published his map projection catalogue. In 1968 
someone at Harvard did a literal translation of it from German to English. 
BTW, you can stil get this english translation from the Library of Congress 
if you are willing to put out 75 dollars for a very poorly done photocopy.

Note that the Maling PDF document at my map projection web site contains a 
graphic showing Maurer's classification scheme compared to that of L. P. Lee 
and Waldo Tobler.

Main document (in 2 parts):
 M_1.pdf                 05-Oct-2007 18:20   19M
 M_2.pdf                 05-Oct-2007 18:21   18M

Better copies of the document's graphics (from Dr. Waldo Tobler):
 M_G.pdf                 05-Oct-2007 18:21  3.0M

My feeble attempt at identifying the Maurer formulas in the context of 
today's map projection names:
 Maurer.txt              05-Oct-2007 18:21  7.8K
Note that any additions or corrections here are welcome.

A seven (7) page table (in German) from the end of the document listing the 
presented map projections and their formulas. Poorly done in the original 
photocopy, these 'enlarged' pages were provided to me by Dr. Tobler as paper 
documents. they are 11x17 page size, and in landscape. I just scanned them 
to PDF:

 page_1.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  281K
 page_2.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  266K
 page_3.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  273K
 page_4.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  244K
 page_5.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  251K
 page_6.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  271K
 page_7.pdf              05-Oct-2007 18:21  254K


A partial list of Azimuthal equations:
Note that my math skills are not up snuff in figuring out some of the 
equations presented. Any help here would be appreciated.

One of the things I've experimented with in the last year is a variation of 
the Tobler graphic (after gedymin) on page 9 of this reference:

Here is my version, done entirely in ArcGIS 9.2, but, it has problems with 
all the graticules of the single hemisphere Azimuthals.

What frustrates me is that I'm only 2 courses from completing Old Dominion 
University's 'GIS certificate' and I've had 3 of their courses using ArcGIS. 
I have yet to learn how to fix my Hemisphere graticule problem. Here are the 
project files if anyone wants to tinker with it:


Some of MY old stuff:

In particular 'wv.zip' - compiled MSDOS Quick Basic, extract it to any 
subdirectory (folder) and run 'wv.exe'.

And 'wvsrc_2007.zip', my reasonably readable source code in  Quick Basic. 
While my software is not perfect, the majority of the graphics at my web 
site were initially created with this software as HPGL files. They were then 
brought into Corel Draw  where I cleaned and sized them before exporting 
them back out as PDF files. I ran out of room in the MSDOS environment, so I 
have around 125 more stand alone programs for some of my other graphics.

Take Care,
- Paul B. Anderson 

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