[Proj] Gauss-Schreiber: the continuing story

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
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Some other person, and a different century.  The projection was cooked up by Laborde, a French Army Officer that later retired and taught mathematical cartography and geodesy in Paris.  When he retired, he was a General officer.  Traite des Projections was co-authored by him and Driencourt in 1934 or 1936 in two volumes published in Paris.  Long out of print, it was only one edition and in French only.
I have no idea if they were related ... curious coincidence if not.  
Cliff Mugnier


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Just noticed that:

> Laborde's Madegascar efforts were circa 1929

Wikipedia is telling that  Jean Laborde lived (16 October 1805 in Auch -
27 December 1878 in Madagascar).


But is this some other person?

Regards: Janne


> "The Gauss-Schreider projection was developed about 1880 and used for the
> Prussian land survey.  It consists of a double conformal transformation of
> the  ellipse onto the sphere and then of the sphere onto the plane using the
> spherical transverse Mercator projection.  The central merdian varies in
> scale."
> And, of course, we have the IGN claim with Laborde in NT/G 73.  I am not sure
> what the timing was but because Laborde's Madegascar efforts were circa 1929
> then the best he can probably claim is rediscovering the projection.  The
> Madagascar should not be confused with the NT/G 73 and I am only  using it as
> a reference to one period where we know he was active as I do not have his
> birth-death dates.

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