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I appreciate the kind words. 

The original image is rendered at 300 dpi, 60 x 150 cm (5' x 2'). I have printed this on photographic paper. It's... well... let's just say people stare. Then they stare some more. Then they study it for a long, long time.

A TIFF rendition at full resolution runs about 35 MB with lossless compression. I do recommend full resolution and full size: the image contains an immense amount of real information. It need not be "merely" decorative. The image I posted publicly is 1/3² the resolution, and, as you noticed, is degraded both by the JPEG compression and the loss of resolution. I suppose it is still somewhat scientific, but it would not survive printing well at all. I am confident of that because I have produced smaller versions in print on the finest printers available, and those prints do not really convey the material.

I find I can retain full resolution in a 7 MB JPEG file without the compression artifacts becoming onerous, particularly when printed. I have placed it here:


If there is sufficient interest in print copies of this image at full size on archival paper with durable inks, I would consider a production run. I have the facilities for it. I haven't tried to figure out what it might cost.

Glad you liked UTM.
It's the inevitable consequence of a uniform scale throughout. I thought I'd leave it in as a joke.

-- daan Strebe

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On Tue, Nov 04, strebe wrote:
> A visualization of distortion on about 170 map projections. Don't
> forget to use your browser's zoom-in function. For your viewing
> pleasure:
> http://www.mapthematics.com/Cornucopia33.jpg

Very neat! (Especially like the UTM visualization ...)

Is there any chance of you putting up a png or other lossless version?
The jpeg artefacts make it less appealing as cubicle decoration ;)

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