[Proj] Any access to geodetic[sic] functions ??

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 14 15:18:23 EST 2008

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> On Thursday 13 November 2008 1:18:27 pm Christopher Barker wrote:
>> -- Gerald, are you willing to put your C code out there, and see if
>> someone (maybe me) wants to work with it?
> I will have to dig it out.  As I recall it was something that was preprocessed 
> by f2c and then postedited by me into something a little more readable.

ouch -- that can result in ugly code -- but if you've cleaned it up and 
it works, then what the heck!

> OK, found a recoded copies dated Feb., 2003.  I do not know if the NGS stuff 
> has been updated since then.

I don't think so -- maybe a bit for their web app.

> The whole file consists of this one procedure and a main program that executes 
> it with a simple test.
> There is a similar file for the inverse case.

I'd like to see it.

I've now written a Python version of the JavaScript code someone posted 
a link to here. I want to add a few tests to it, and I may wrap your C 
code also -- we'll see how much energy I have!

I'm also looking for "know" values that I can use for testing. How does 
one know if it's working right?


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