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- Gerald,

Even though John Snyder originally thought that Winkel was refering to the
Equal-area Mollweide (1977) and later realizing that is was a Equidistant
variation (1993) that Winkel was talking about, John's formulas are still a
valid map projection. I believe that the earlier proposed 'Winkel II
(Snyder)' would be OK, or even Winkel II (Snyder's Variation). But, Map
projection naming conventions usually end up with the Originator's name
first, a hyphen, then the Modifier's name second (as in 'Winkel-Snyder
projection'). This sometimes results in confusion as to what the
Originator's projection was, but then a future version of John Snyder will
have something to write about.
Take Care,
- Paul

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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Gerald I. Evenden <
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> Libproj4 code corrections regarding Winkel II and no_name projection are
> made
> available at:
> http://members.verizon.net/~gerald.evenden/proj4/
> in the 11/20 files.  The updated manual is not quite ready---takes longer
> to
> update the manual than correct the code. ;-(
> Also, Apian II was made a part of Eckert III group
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