[Proj] "Double ellipsoid" case?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 30 00:07:29 EST 2008

Clifford Mugnier wrote:
> Ah, there's a BIG difference between the true
> coordinate system relations of geodesy used by national
> governments and one cooked up by an ignoramus at Google Maps
> that did not know what they were doing ... I guess
> there's a lot of that going around, too.

others assume Google to be Truth, and follow their lead- the OpenStreetMap
project for example has adopted "Google Merc" for rendering, and inherited
its problems:


so you can download OSM tiles* from e.g.
but they are only good for "visual use" ... which is rather crummy.
[*] (z=zoom level [0-17], w=image width, h=image height)

I doubt we can change Google's ways, but others in the Free World could
be saved a lot of trouble with the help of a kind volunteer...

(that's a plea to anyone reading this to help OSM do this properly,
because bad habits quickly propagate into derivative software)



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