[Proj] Some typos in the libproj4 manual

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
Wed Oct 1 07:22:08 EDT 2008

I think I have found some typos in the libproj4 manual.

Page 96, under the headline "Oblique Stereographic using intermediate sphere":

* Equation (7.36) says "k)0", but the parenthesis does not match anything.  I think it should have been "k_0" in the LaTeX source, so that the text would be "k0", with the zero as a subscript. 
* Equation (7.37) reads

   chi = ( cos c ... )
but something is missing.  I looked in Snyder's book, and I think it should be

   chi = asin( cos c ...) 

(chi is that Greek letter that looks like a tall and narrow x, but isn't an x.) 

Page 78, table 6.1: Lambert Conformal Conic, in the general formula for rho, there is a numerator 

         tan^n( pi/4 + phi1/2)

but in the case phi1 = phi2, the analoguous numerator is written as 

         tan^n( pi/4 + phi1) / 2

Should not these numerators be identical?  They differ only in the placement of the ending parenthesis.  

Gerald Evenden wrote:
> Please, please, please.  Anyone finding errors in the previously reference
> manual please notify this group.  Thank-you.

You are welcome,
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