[Proj] Additional up coming mods to libproj4

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Sun Oct 19 18:57:14 EDT 2008

"Gerald I. Evenden" <geraldi.evenden at gmail.com> kirjoitti: 
> Besides the inverse material for some projections I took a couple of minutes 
> to add the proj_initstr(chr *) entry to the library as an alternative to 
> proj_init(int, char **);  In addition, each string field of the later entry 
> may have multiple white-space separated projection options in the string.  
> The net result of this is that one can use lproj in the following manner:
> lproj "+proj=poly ellps=intl lon_0=90w" +lat_0=40 infile
> where the ellps= and lon_0= options are processed properly along with proj= 
> and lat_0=.  Remember that the "+" part of the options is only necessary for 
> [l]proj to identify the runline parameter as a libproj option and not a 
> filename.
> For those who use the library directly:
> P=proj_initstr("proj=poly ellps=intl lon_0=90w lat_0=40");
> may be used as an alternative to proj_init and is processed the same as the 
> lproj example.
> I believe that Warmerdam has done something similar with his value added 
> releases.

I have seen a French initialization file with

+title=is something with white spaces

This problematic for me, since I am used to the habbit to never have any
white space in proj.4 statements. Example of the french file follows:

<FANGA84> +title=MOP84 (Fangataufa 1984) +proj=geocent +towgs84=150.5700,158.3300,118.3200 +a=6378388.0000 +rf=297.0000000000000 +units=m +no_defs <>

Better would maybe be to put it like:

+title=<something between some markers with white spaces in it> +etc.....

Regards: Janne.

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