[Proj] proj.4 BNF

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Mon Oct 20 16:14:58 EDT 2008

Maybe should define the correct BNF (Backus–Naur Form) for proj.4?


That would help people to write correct proj.4 inits. I am still wondering
that if sombody enters wrong proj.4 attributes, the library takes them in, but does
something else and never informs the user that something he was entering
was totally ignored. Not a very nice situation.

There might be some kind of a stand alone pre scanner, that could be called
on demand and that checked the user entry and gave full information about
typos. errors and similar matters. It could be bypassed by those who do not
need it. But I don't see why anybody wanted to bypass checking of his input.

Or that maybe is there already?

Regards: Janne.

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