[Proj] Michigan georef projection reproject to lat-lon

Chris Fahner chris at mi-sledding.com
Mon Sep 1 19:30:29 EDT 2008


I have been trying for the longest time now to convert data I received from
Michigan DNR to lat-long data so it can be used within Google maps.

The data is snowmobile trails but I can't for the life of me find a program
which does not contain an large price tag to do this for me. I can't see
spending money on it when I just need to convert the data once and then I
won't need it done anymore. Does anyone have a good program to use to do
this. They included all the files with the zip file they sent me. (.dbf,
.prj, .sbn,.sbx,.shp,.shp.xml,shx). I think I've tried to use more than a
handful of software's. The closest I got was with the program map window but
there seems to be an issue with it reprojecting.





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