[Proj] Michigan georef projection reproject to lat-lon

Chris Fahner chris at mi-sledding.com
Tue Sep 2 20:41:07 EDT 2008

When I tried to run the string I entered I received an error.
Ogr2ogr.exe D:\proj D:\snow_trails_version1.shp -s_srs EPSG: 99999 -t_srs
EPSG: 4326

The error is:
ERROR 4: Unable to open EPSG Support file gcs.csv
Try setting GDAL_DATA environment variable to point to the
Directory containing EPSG csv files.
Failed to process SRS definition: EPSG:

I am using 99999 because I had to copy the data from the .prj file that was
zipped with the shp file as it wasn't available in the epsg file.

This is what was in the .prj file

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FWTools http://fwtools.maptools.org/ (which includes Proj.4) has a
command line program called ogr2ogr which includes coordinate system
transformation. At the command prompt, you would enter something like:
   ogr2ogr destDir srcFile.shp -s_srs EPSG:codeForMichiganDNR -t_srs
  destDir is an empty destination (output) directory
  srcFile.shp is the name of the snowmobile shapefile
  codeForMichiganDNR is the EPSG number for your source data (maybe
not required)
  codeForLatLong is the EPSG number for lat-long (probably 4326)


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 5:30 PM, Chris Fahner <chris at mi-sledding.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been trying for the longest time now to convert data I received
> Michigan DNR to lat-long data so it can be used within Google maps.
> The data is snowmobile trails but I can't for the life of me find a
> which does not contain an large price tag to do this for me. I can't see
> spending money on it when I just need to convert the data once and then I
> won't need it done anymore. Does anyone have a good program to use to do
> this. They included all the files with the zip file they sent me. (.dbf,
> .prj, .sbn,.sbx,.shp,.shp.xml,shx). I think I've tried to use more than a
> handful of software's. The closest I got was with the program map window
> there seems to be an issue with it reprojecting.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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