[Proj] SGS85 and WGS84

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> It is a little unclear from the docs (to me, but I am thick). At this
> time, my user is unclear about exact requirements. I suspect that I will
> need to convert from WGS84 to SRS85.

Ha! That would be interesting, to get to know something about a piece of 
Russian (Glonass) technology!
But also read a paper by V.B. Nepoklonov about obtaining geodetic earth 
I found a copy at
See Table 2 on page 7 for some WGS84 - PZ90 (almost the same as SGS85) 
transformation parameters.
See also reference 7 (Mirsa, Abbot) in this paper; can't find a (free) 
on-line copy.
Mirsa P.N., Abbot R.I. SGS85-WGS84 Transformation // Manuscripta Geodaetica. 
1994. Vol. 19.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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