[Proj] Some questions

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Wed Apr 1 06:09:55 EST 2009


here are some questions to the proj.4 list.

1) What I have understood, the LibProj is an updated projection package?
Is there any plan to integrate this into the Proj.4 or is it too different for that
purpose. End users would of coures like to have more and more projections
and inverses available. Maybe some time in the future?

2) The ellipsoid question. How was the double ellipsoid case solved.. or
will it be of any error source? I am assuming that if the datum shift ellipsoid
is different than the original one, the error will be anyway too small to have
any practical meaning? And so it does not matter which ellipsoid is used
for the datum shift since all the ellipsoids are almost the same... but sure
the numbers will differ.

Regards: Janne / MNS Support

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