[Proj] ERROR 6: No translation for Lambert ConformalConic toPROJ.4 format is known.

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
Thu Apr 2 02:48:12 EST 2009

> Hamish wrote: 
> Eric:
> > Additionally, there probably needs to be handling for hyphens (missing 
> > or present) and accents/non-ascii (missing, present or alternate 
> > spelling).  Is it "Plate-Carée"
> > or "Plate_Caree" or "Plate-Carree" or "Plate_Carree" or ... ?
> > Only the first version is listed in appendix 4-6.
> worse, a french office-mate tells me that it should be in the 
> masculine form, so no second "e". google is no help as it returns
> hits for all variants. possibly derived from pre-modern french too...? 
> aaagh
> Hamish

Wait a minute. I'm not French, but I studied French in school for 
a short while, so I am sure I know better (insert smiley here). 

Both Snyder (Map Projections: A Working Manual) and French wikipedia (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projection_cylindrique_%C3%A9quidistante)
writes "plate carrée".   

I looked up "plate" in the French wikipedia, and it is clear 
that "plate" is used as an adjective here, the feminine form
of "plat", meaning flat. In theory, it could be used as a noun, 
but "une plate" could only mean a flat-bottomed boat, or a small
iron blade of some sort. (All right, I used Google Translate to 
figure out what the French wikipedia said, but it looked convincing...) 

So, "plate carrée" is an abbreviation of "la projection plate carrée", 
the flat and square projection. (I guess there could be some masculine
synonym to "la projection" in the French language, but then the 
adjectives would be "plat carré".) 

Eric wrote:

> Only the first version is listed in appendix 4-6. 

The first version being "Plate-Carée", you mean? That must be
a typo, there should be two "r" in "carrée".

On the other hand, I am worried about the accent, since string
comparison is important in Well-Known Text. I mean, no one 
argues (I hope) that "Krovak" must be spelled with the Czech 
diacritical marks in Well-Known Text.  

Oh well.  Nothing is simple.

Mikael Rittri
Carmenta AB

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