[Proj] Some questions

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Apr 3 14:54:51 EST 2009

support.mn at elisanet.fi wrote:
> Is there any easy way to open the projection and datum shift ellipsoids
> for the end user to be altered in those cases where required?
> For example something like:
> pellps=.....
> dellps=.....
> where "pellps" would stand for "projection ellipsoid" and
> "dellps" for "datum ellipsoid".
> and when both are the same, just normal
> ellps=....
> where "ellps" stands for both datum and projection. That
> would not alter the existing definitions, but allow more
> accurate control of the ellipsoids involved.


No, no such capability has been implemented.  I'm still not too keen
on doing so either for reasons previously stated.

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