[Proj] Terminology: what should I call 60 nautical miles?

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
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Noel wrote: 

 >  Sexaginta, Latin for sixty (as noun), or sexagimal (as ajective) might offer some possibilities.  -Noel 


I don't think so. 

Greek numbers are multiplied with.  For example hekto-, kilo-, mega-, ...  

Latin numbers are divided by.  For example deci-, centi-, milli-, ... 

At least, I think that's the original rule.   


So, a "sexaginautical mile" ought be 1/60 nautical mile (or about a second of arc distance). 


Anyway, "exēntanautical mile" is a rather horrible phrase, and I don't think many 

people know that exēnta means 60 in Greek (I didn't either, until I googled it). 


But thanks for the suggestion,


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I would like a term for the length unit that is 60 nautical miles.  

This length unit would approximate one degree of 
arc distance, in the same way as one nautical mile 
approximates one minute of arc distance.

I have thought of the phrase "degree of arc distance" 
(which I think agrees, more or less, with how Snyder uses this phrase)
but some of my colleagues dislike it. 

I have also thought of the phrase "exēntanautical mile",
from Greek "exēnta" = 60, but... 

Mikael Rittri
Carmenta AB
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