[Proj] ITRF96/UTM 36N conversion

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Fri Aug 7 17:39:13 EST 2009


if you have wrong false easting / northing values?

Wikipedia tells:

"A position on the Earth is referenced in the UTM system by the UTM zone, and the easting and northing coordinate pair. The easting is the projected distance of the position from the central meridian, while the northing is the projected distance of the point from the equator. The point of origin of each UTM zone is the intersection of the equator and the zone's central meridian. In order to avoid dealing with negative numbers, the central meridian of each zone is given a "false easting" value of 500,000 meters. Thus, anything west of the central meridian will have an easting less than 500,000 meters. For example, UTM eastings range from 167,000 meters to 833,000 meters at the equator (these ranges narrow towards the poles). In the northern hemisphere, positions are measured northward from the equator, which has an initial "northing" value of 0 meters and a maximum "northing" value of approximately 9,328,000 meters at the 84th parallel — the maximum northern extent of the UTM zones. In the southern hemisphere, northings decrease as you go southward from the equator, which is given a "false northing" of 10,000,000 meters so that no point within the zone has a negative northing value."


Janne. / MNS Support


"Gerald I. Evenden" [geraldi.evenden at gmail.com] kirjoitti: 
> >
> > This is what I want:
> >
> > 2   39.8911748   32.7932165
> > 3   39.8911574   32.7932198
> > 4   39.8911488   32.7932277
> >
> This is what I get:
> -39.2067835     39.8911747   950.950000   5 | 2 | 1.400
> -39.2067802     39.8911573   951.050000   5 | 2 | 1.400
> -39.2067723     39.8911487
> The longitude seems to agree reasonably well but the latitude is real strange!

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