[Proj] Datum-Shift WGS84 to Arc1960 not working propberly

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> Hello Oscar,
> thank you very much for your help! Now it works and knowing these 
> parameters I
> can also transform my raster data with GDAL... thanks!
> Indeed, I get the best fit with the parameters (dx = 160; dy = 8; dz = 
> 300) you
> mention, that is listed by "Some manuals of GPS related products".
> What are those manuals and where did you get them from. Because using the
> parameters listed on the nga homepage give fairly good results, but not 
> quite
> the same. So just for the future, I would like to know where else to look 
> for,
> when something is no quite matching.

Best source is: the local geodetic survey / cadastre.
Second best probably: the EPSG database http://info.ogp.org.uk/geodesy/
For every data bit a serious source is given.
As for the "some manuals" sources: the internet.
I have no idea where they got their information from.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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