[Proj] Convert X and Y to Lat and Lon

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 21:25:38 EST 2009

don_nell wrote:
> Would you happen to know how to go the other way too? If I
> have the Lat and Lon, how would I know the X and Y.  I'm still
> very new to this.

instead of

cs2cs [LCC +proj= terms]  +to  [longlat +proj= terms]

just reverse them:

cs2cs [longlat +proj= terms]  +to  [LCC +proj= terms]

IIUC you can't count on all projections to be fully reversible, but in
your case I think it'll be ok.

cs2cs expects input data in the form of "x y", i.e. "longitude latitude"
Use the -r flag if your data has reversed columns. be careful with
hemisphere signs and command line quoting for DDDdMM'SS.SSSS" style

if you haven't already found the +nadgrids=nad83 term, you may want to
investigate that.



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