[Proj] Wikipedia ECEF entry

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 00:23:16 EST 2009

Gerald wrote:
> At the moment, I have not figured out their editing operations. 
> I wanted to add to the comments about the z axis but gave up after it
> looked like I would have to spend an afternoon learning their system.
> :-(

some starting info here:

given the complication of the stuff people around here work on, I doubt
learning to use a wiki will be much of a mental strain or take an entire
weekend. It's designed from the bottom up to be simple after all. Luckily
MediaWiki (software that runs Wikipedia) is really nice to work in, in
stark contrast to many other "simplified" wiki softwares out there.

I'd be happy to help (off-list) if anyone gets stuck, as I feel it's
important that garbage is not propagated.

Clifford wrote:
> I find Wiki stuff garbage and worthless in that a knowledgeable
> entry can be changed and modified by an incompetent.

and that change can be reverted back to an earlier good version in about
15 seconds by a knowledgeable author. with justification given in the
associated "discussion" page, it becomes clear in big a hurry to the
meta-editors which author is the one that knows what they are talking about.

no doubt keeping the entries current & correct requires periodic grooming.
you can put yourself on a watch-list if you like so that you are notified
any time the page is changed and shown the lines that have changed.

I'm repeating myself, but there is a large self-interest in removing bad
information from a (like it or not) high-profile primary search point for
general information.

Hamish over&out.


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