[Proj] Building for and calling from g95-MinGW

Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 15:52:17 EST 2009

In simple cases FORTRAN and C[++] are not too difficult to link but there is 
one issue I can't find a solution in Google searching:

How do you handle C structures in FORTRAN?  Do not include "common."

Just curious if anyone has an answer.

On Tuesday 17 February 2009 2:53:03 pm Arjan van Dijk wrote:
> Hi!
> I compile and run my program on linux and Windows boxes.
> Under Fortran-90 that is...
> Now I would like to use Proj. I have 2 questions about this:
> Question 1:
> How do I generate/download an archive file (e.g. libproj.a)
> that can be used from g95 under MinGW by just adding -lproj to the
> compile command of my program?
> The Windows binaries contain an executable and a dll, not a .a-file.
> Can I just use the linux .a-file under MinGW? I guess not.
> I downloaded the sources and called "./configure".
> This went okay. Then I tried "make", but the whole thing
> crashed... (see below this message for the rude curses it uttered)!
> Question 2:
> Are there any Fortran examples for using Proj?
> Regards,
> Arjan

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