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> Hi folks,
> I put a few scanned and OCR-d sources that might be of interest to some
> of you at:
> http://mapserver.sara.nl/downloads
> Comments would be appreciated!

> - A scanned book from 1954 of all ellipsoids used from 1800 to 1925
> (German with a long English introduction)

The scans of the original pages 95...102 are messed up. See part 4 of the 

> - The official mathematical manual for the Napoleonic cadastre of 1804,
> scanned and OCR-ed by Google

Some pages are completely messed up. Why do they do that? The book is no 
longer copyrighted, so it can be republished in full. Probably a matter of 
incompetence? Or a twisted mind?

> Jan

Thanks anyhow for this interesting historical information!

Oscar van Vlijmen

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