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EPSG Projected CRS code 3106 comes very close.  It's Bangladesh Transverse
Mercator on the Gulshan 303 datum using Everest 1830 (1937 adjustment).  The
only projection parameter that differs is the False Northing, 0 in the case
of 3106 and -2M in your case (curious).  But this will be a static offset.  

I don't see a better candidate in the current dataset (6.18) that you can
download yourself at www.epsg.org.  The (rather garbled text) below is
extracted from the dataset for 3106.

I have no idea whether this information will be useful to you in Proj4.


                          International Association of
Detailed Report on Projected
Coordinate Reference Systems
                          Oil and Gas Producers

                           data set version         6.18.2
Search Criteria:   *bangladesh*

# 1      Cod   3106         Name:  Gulshan 303 / Bangladesh Transverse

                        EPSG abbreviation: Gulshan  / Bangladesh TM

Base GeogCRS:         Gulshan 303
Geodetic Datum:       Gulshan 303
Orde      Axis Name        Abbr                Axis Units
1        Easting            E                    metre

2        Northing           N                    metre

CS           Used in projected and engineering coordinate reference systems.
Semi-major axis        6377276.345      metre
(a) =
Map                Bangladesh Transverse Mercator
Inverse flattening     300.8017
(1/f) =
Projection         Transverse Mercator
Prime Meridian:       Greenwich
Parameter Name              Parameter Value             Unit of
Datum origin:         Gulshan garden, Dhaka.
Latitude of natural origin             0°    0'         0”    N
                      observed and adjusted in 1995 by Japan
Longitude of natural origin           90°    0'         0”    E
                      International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Scale factor at natural origin               0.9996              unity
500000              metre
CRS scope:            Large and medium scale topographic mapping
False easting
                      and engineering survey.
False northing                                 0                 metre

CRS remarks:

CRS info. source:     Survey of Bangladesh via IGN Paris and Tullow
Data         OGP           Revision      22-Jun-06   Change      2006.470
source:                    date:                     id:
CRS area of use:      Bangladesh - onshore and offshore.

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BTM will probably be: Bangladesh transverse mercator

Zahid Parvez wrote:
> hi
> I have a shape file which I have to import in GRASS. Shape file is 
> consists of a shape file, a dbf file and a prj file.
> The prj file has following information.
> GEOGCS["GCS_Everest_1830",
> DATUM["D_Everest_1830",
> SPHEROID["Everest_1830",6377299.36,300.8017]],
> PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0],
> UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]],
> PROJECTION["Transverse_Mercator"],
> PARAMETER["False_Easting",500000.0],
> PARAMETER["False_Northing",-2000000.0],
> PARAMETER["Central_Meridian",90.0],
> PARAMETER["Scale_Factor",0.9996],
> PARAMETER["Latitude_Of_Origin",0.0],
> UNIT["Meter",1.0]] 
> I will be very grateful if anyone could help me to find the ESPG code .
> Best
> Md. Zahid Parvez
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