[Proj] Building for and calling from g95-MinGW

Arjan van Dijk Arjan.van.Dijk at rivm.nl
Wed Feb 25 07:40:36 EST 2009

> I downloaded a fresh install of MinGW and Msys just now and the 
> ./configure && make && make install worked without a glitch. So probably 

> upgrading to the newest version of MinGW shoudl solve your problems. 

This suggestion from Paul has led to a nice file named libproj.a.
When used in combination with a sample program based on the
bit of code shown on the Proj site under proj_api (the code
contains errors!!) this library shows its power: it works!

Then Fortran. With some help from people from comp.lang.fortran
I managed to construct a so-called Module that should interface
with the C-functions pj_init_plus and pj_transform in libproj.a.
The module compiles and produces object code. Even my sample 
Fortran program compiles, but it refuses to link: the sample 
program calling pj_init_plus cannot find routine pj_init_plus.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to proceed?

Once I'll have a working Fortran sample, I'll post the solution 
to this list anyhow.



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