[Proj] Geo Transfoms and calculations

Charles Karney ckarney at sarnoff.com
Fri Jan 2 11:41:35 EST 2009

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> That is why I get cranky about the whole issue.

While I have some sympathy with your problems (and I certainly
appreciate your contributions to the software universe), I nevertheless
have two comments:

(1) I question whether the "good ol' days" were really that good.  Back
in the 1970's, you weren't sitting in your "cozy den" hacking on cheap
hardware with a free world-class OS (Linux) and a free world-class
compiler (GCC).  (And the world-class status of both Linux and GCC is a
result, largely, of their GPL status.)

(2) The authors of GSL and readline elected to distribute their code
under the GPL.  Your choices are:
    (a) accept the GPL conditions, or
    (b) decline to use the code.
Kvetching about the choice of the GPL or vilifying the author of the GPL
is unseemly.

[Disclaimer: I am a (very) minor contributor to the GSL.]

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