[Proj] Finally: geodesic-1.0 is available

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jan 8 12:47:03 EST 2009

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> Go to
> http://members.verizon.net/~gerald.evenden/geod/
> which puts you into a Doxygen documentation and pointer to distribution 
> tarball at the bottom of the main page.
> It is ALL there in glorious color.
> Comments, pro, con or indifferent would be greatly appreciated.  After all 
> that damned effort I'd like somebody to look at it.  ;-)


I did a quick look with the idea of packaging it for OSGeo4W.

Normally distributed source tar files capture everything within a single
directory, conventionally named the same as the base of the tar file name.
In your case the tar file has two base directories, html and src.  Perhaps you
could capture things one level higher?

I would encourage adding a prominent link into the tutorial in Related Pages
on the main index.html as it is otherwise a bit obscure.

On my 64 bit linux system under valgrind I was getting messages like:

geodesic computer v. .00
Free software under X11 license
geod: earth ellps=WGS84
geod: p1 77d27'27"W 38d56'30"N
==7794== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
==7794==    at 0x406A9E: geod_dms2rad (geod_dms2rad.c:73)
==7794==    by 0x402014: node (node.c:101)
==7794==    by 0x401791: do_look_up (geodesic.c:160)
==7794==    by 0x401886: do_commands (geodesic.c:184)
==7794==    by 0x40194D: main (geodesic.c:211)

I stepped through the code and it wasn't obvious why this was occuring.
When running optimized it was actually crashing in some cases.

I would encourage you to install valgrind on your development linux
system and use it.  It's a great tool for finding subtle issues you
aren't even aware of.


I find the mini command language within the program (as opposed to
a complex set of commandline options) an odd approach.

Building was very simple, and I'm interested in preparing a VC++
makefile to contribute back, as well as preparing win32 binaries for
the OSGeo4W environment (and I suppose standalone ones).

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