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Mon Jan 5 11:50:17 EST 2009

is that +nadgrids takes precedence over +towgs84, at least=20
in Proj4 (perhaps not in OGRSpatialReference etc.). =20

That would mean that in your definition of CRS 902056,
where you use both +towgs84=3D674.374,... and +nadgrids=3D at null,=20
the +towgs84 would be ignored and +nadgrids=3D at null would be=20
used, which is the same thing (as far as I understand) as=20
saying that the longitude/latitude in CRS 902056 is the same=20
as longitude/latitude in WGS84. =20

But that's not your intention, is it? =20
The datum of EPSG:2056 is CH1903+, and the datum of=20
EPSG:21781 is CH1903 (without the +). =20

I thought CH1903+ was some kind of improved version of CH1903,
with less distortion, although I don't know if your gridshift=20
file is intended for CH1903 or for CH1903+.

Anyway, I don't the see the reason for using +nadgrids=3D at null
in your definition of CRS 902056.  I would have expected either
the +towgs84 parameter or the +nadgrids=3Dchenyx06.gsb.

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Subject: [Proj] Problems using grid shift files

Dear List

we have some problems using grid shift files. We are using a grid shift =
file which was developed by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography [1]. =
We just duplicated epsg 21781 (to 921781) and 2056 (to 902056) in the =
epsg file and added "+nadgrids=3Dchenyx06.gsb" and "+nadgrids=3D at null":

+proj=3Dsomerc +lat_0=3D46d57'08.66"N +lon_0=3D7d26'22.50"E =
+ellps=3Dbessel +x_0=3D600000 +y_0=3D200000 =
+towgs84=3D674.374,15.056,405.346 +units=3Dm +k_0=3D1 +no_defs=20

+proj=3Dsomerc +lat_0=3D46d57'08.66"N +lon_0=3D7d26'22.50"E =
+ellps=3Dbessel +x_0=3D2600000 +y_0=3D1200000 =
+towgs84=3D674.374,15.056,405.346 +units=3Dm +k_0=3D1 +no_defs

+proj=3Dsomerc +lat_0=3D46d57'08.66"N +lon_0=3D7d26'22.50"E =
+ellps=3Dbessel +x_0=3D600000 +y_0=3D200000 =
+towgs84=3D674.374,15.056,405.346 +units=3Dm +nadgrids=3Dchenyx06.gsb =
+k_0=3D1 +no_defs=20

+proj=3Dsomerc +lat_0=3D46d57'08.66"N +lon_0=3D7d26'22.50"E =
+ellps=3Dbessel +x_0=3D2600000 +y_0=3D1200000 =
+towgs84=3D674.374,15.056,405.346 +units=3Dm +nadgrids=3D at null +k_0=3D1 =

+proj=3Dlonglat +ellps=3DWGS84 +datum=3DWGS84 +no_defs

+proj=3Dlonglat +ellps=3DWGS84 +datum=3DWGS84 +nadgrids=3D at null

Here are the results:

21781 -> 2056: correct!
921781 -> 90256: correct (with grid shift file)!

921781 -> 2056: wrong!
921781 -> 4326: wrong!
921781 -> 904326: wrong!

Is the grid shift only applied if the destination definiton has a =
"+nadgrids=3D at null"? But then why is the transformation to 904326 not =
correct? Has this something to do with this bug report [2]? Or I'm just =
mixing up some parameters? Same results with Proj 4.5 and 4.6.1. Any =
help is appreciated.


[1]: =

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