[Proj] Memory leaks using proj.4 DLL

michael.hovenbitzer at bkg.bund.de michael.hovenbitzer at bkg.bund.de
Tue Jan 27 07:46:58 EST 2009

Hello List,

I would like to use Proj.4 in a MFC-VisualC-Program (VC++6)
to transform coordinates with the NTv2-method.
Using the newest source of proj4.6.1 I build the proj.dll
and so on. The compilation and linking of my software
went quite well (with only a few problems solved in your list).
But when I start my software I got memory leaks !
Testing the DLL with only one button I could discover that
the DLL is working correct (the transfromed point had the
right coordinates). Using all GUI-Features the transformed
coordinates are wrong, because of memory leaks (the name
of the shift file is seemingly overwritten).

Maybe someone has had a similar problem and can help me
solving my problem.

Thank you in advance !

Best regards


Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG)
Frankfurt, Germany

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