[Proj] Need help converting Goode to latlon

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Thu Jul 23 18:37:55 EST 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 4:23:07 pm Melita Kennedy wrote:
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> The 'option' parameter is used to determine whether to use the 'land' or
> 'ocean' version. That is, if '1', the interruptions will occur in the
> oceans. If '2', the interruptions will occur on land. The standard Goode's
> (land) prj file is using WGS84, so the radius is 6378137.0.
> Melita Kennedy
> ESRI, Inc.

If the interupted version of Goode is used then *NO* standard version of 
[l]proj will handle it without the user segmenting the data into the 
subregions of the interuptions.

A closer examination of jpeg does seem to verify the idea of an interrupted 

As an aside, for the America continents segment: +lon_0=-100.  In addition, 
one needs the appropriate +x_0=-1.745329 for unit sphere (multiply that value 
by the radius used to get a proper value for this case).  These values apply 
for Goode's land map.

In addition, because of the wide variation of segmentation used, it is not 
likely that a proj inverse for segmented projections will be an integral part 
of the basic software.

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