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francesco francesco.pirotti at unipd.it
Wed Jun 3 04:48:49 EST 2009

Hello, a year ago I looked into the NTv2 format in order to convert the 
Italian grids of corrections into such format.  I tried it out with 
Mapserver and GvSIG and it worked well. I did a windows executable in C 
to read information in italian .gr files and convert them into the 
binary format of NTv2.  I believe I still have the documentation pdf ; I 
used the Australian software "user guide" and "software documentation" 
(GDAit), and a link in internet which I downloaded but I cannot find the 
original link address... the title is: "Creation of NTv2 Grid File for 
French NTF -- RGF93 Datum Conversions.htm".

If you need I am glad to help. I remember I had a bit of trouble with 
unusual reference frame, but it just needs a little sorting.
Francesco Pirotti

Paul Kelly ha scritto:
> See the below link for an account of my own naive experimentations with 
> the NTv2 format a few years ago - perhaps not of great interest though as 
> I too could not find any adequate documentation for the binary version of 
> the file and indeed used some Windows software (Australian) to create a 
> binary version from the ASCII.
> Link: <http://www.stjohnspoint.co.uk/gis/france.htm>
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