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Wed Jun 3 15:57:00 EST 2009


if there are any issues with any text files I would very much recommend to use Unicode.

-> "Unicode is a computing industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent
and manipulate text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. The UCS-2 and
UTF-16 encodings specify the Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) for use at the beginnings
of text files, which may be used for byte ordering detection (or byte endianness detection).

Unicode has become the dominant scheme for internal processing and storage of text
(although a great deal of text is still stored in legacy encodings, Unicode is increasingly
being used for the storage of new text). Early adopters tended to use UCS-2 and later
moved to UTF-16 (as this was the least disruptive way to add support for non-BMP

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