[Proj] How to Reengineering the cs2cs tool

Benoît Andrieu bea at ixsea.com
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I wouldn't call the binary because, yes, it would load the dlls for each call and it would take some time.
But by using the proj dll you wouldn't have this problem. Maybe it is not possible, I don't know.

I am quite surprised that no one had to this before...


Benoît Andrieu
bea at ixsea.com
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    Can't you call directly the proj dll or wrap it in order to use it directly from your php / perl code ?
    It seems dangerous to me to recode everything.

  Hi Andrieu,

    Yes i can call the cs2cs binary directly from php code but it gives some performance issues. 
    I need to do 100 s of convertion at the time. So that only i am trying to develop on the native language (php code).



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