[Proj] NADCON, et al.

Charles Wilson proj at cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 13 22:20:53 EST 2009

Glynn Clements wrote:
> Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
>>> MSVC doesn't have readdir().
>> That figures.  Small wonder I have so much respect for M$.
>> If one ignores M$, would opendir, readdir (just to get file names) and stat(2) 
>> be a more reasonable route?
> Yes; that's the standard mechanism.
>> The most critical element with this basic method is to get the damn file 
>> names.  Otherwise a preoperation with a shell program of some sort and an 
>> ancillary program is required to create a special file.
> d_name is standard, and XSI adds d_ino. Any other fields are
> platform-specific extensions.

There are several implementations of the readdir family available for
use with MSVC. The better ones also abstract away the differences
between implementations on those platforms that do provide it.

This one is MIT-licensed (e.g. non-viral):

Also, here (MIT-ish, so also non-viral):


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