[Proj] Trac Database Upgrade

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Jun 20 23:39:37 EST 2009


The database storage for the PROJ.4, GDAL and GRASS Trac instances have
been upgraded from sqlite1 to Postgres on trac.osgeo.org (osgeo1).  Before
upgrading the rest of the Trac instances we are giving these a few days to
shake out problems, and to establish if the reported performance problems
seem to be resolved.

Please report any potentially related problems with these three instances
to myself, Howard Butler or via the OSGeo SAC bug tracker.

If things go well, around mid week I will upgrade the remaining trac
instances, and we will iron out the backup strategy for the postgres
instances.  In the meantime changes to the postgres databases may not be
well backed up.

Special thanks to Chris Schmidt for encouragement and pointers.  The
database conversion has been quite trivial so far (to my surprise!).

Maintenance details available at:


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