[Proj] How to use +towgs84

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Wed Mar 4 18:00:02 EST 2009

Aaron Friesen wrote:
> Is +towgs84 actually a misnomer?  Is it not in general the means to
> apply a 3 or 7-parm transform?
Although I work at a University, I hate to cite myself, but perhaps in 
this case it's legitimate:


I tried to give an answer to this question and a few others that have 
been hotly debated on this list. I got no response at all to this (too?) 
long posting. As this list is generally not very inhibited on speaking 
its mind when it doesn't like something, I hope there are not too many 
idiocies in it (my mailing, I mean). Even so, some casual comments would 
be really appreciated.



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