[Proj] Cosmetic latitudes, and the diacritics of Josef Krovak and others

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Subject: [Proj] Cosmetic latitudes,and the diacritics of Josef Krovak and 

> B) What are the correct diacritical marks for Krovak? (As in Josef
> Krovak,
> inventor of the Krovak projection for Czechoslovakia.)

>  2) a hacek (small v) above the "r", no slash through the "o", but
> acute accent on the "a".

This is the only correct spelling. Can be checked by consulting a couple of 
serious Czech resources (web sites).
Pictures of him:

Reliable source:
Prof. Ing. Bohuslav Veverka, DrSc.
Czech Technical University, Department of Mapping and Cartography

Oscar van Vlijmen

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