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Ames, Kieran J. Kieran.Ames at us.ngrid.com
Fri Mar 20 13:46:13 EST 2009

Can I please ask the list for some guidance?
In an attempt to convert some data from projected to lat/lon, I'm
attempting to use cs2cs.
The data:
My coordinates of 2174727 164482 are based on NAD27 3104 (Long Island).
My lat/lon of -73.370096 40.675382 is based on a geocoding calculation
from a Sagent geocoding engine.
I'm attempting to use cs2cs to calculate lat/lon values for a rather
large file.
In testing, I use the command:
echo 2174727 164482 nad27:3104  |c:\ms4w\proj\bin\cs2cs    -E  -f %3.6f
+init=nad27:3104  +to +proj=latlong +datum=NAD83
This returns coordinates of -55.478096 40.211109... somewhere out in the
Atlantic Ocean. 
I've tried a brute force approach against all the NAD27, NAD83 and EPSG
definitions but cannot come up with anything close to the lat/lon I
I've been told that the coordinates I'm using are actual and not
"padded" for any reason.
If anyone has any insight as to how I could resolve this issue, I'd be
most appreciative.
Thank you
Kieran Ames

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