[Proj] libproject benchmark

Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at gmail.com
Fri May 1 15:59:13 EST 2009

Glory be and many thanks to libtool, libproject, once known as libproj4 has 
just seen the light of day as a shared library. The once static linked 
mapmaking routines linked in to the library and reduced their disk footprint   
from about 750k down to around 20k.

Still a bit of a problem resolving details on the *config.h in spotting 
references to the pthread and gsl libraries.  The proj-4.* stuff has never 
seemed to ever attemp to provide thread proof service nor employ gsl.  The 
latter should, of course, be optional because of licensing but I can't see 
any reason not thread-proofing.  But proj-4.* is years out of date so the 
comparison is specious.

Hopefully not too many more days until release of libproject.

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