[Proj] Slovenian projection?

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
Tue May 12 08:01:37 EST 2009

Hello Markus,
Here is some partial help: I think you can rule out two of the four

There are four similar coordinate reference system for Slovenia in the
EPSG database. 

EPSG:31275, "MGI / Balkans zone 5", with EuroGeographics name: "HR_HDKS
/ HR_TM" and Sloven name: "D48 zone 5".
EPSG:3787, "MGI / Slovene National Grid", with Sloven name: "D48 / GK".
EPSG:2170, "MGI / Slovenia Grid", with EuroGeographics name: "SI_D48 /
SI_TM" and Sloven name "D48 / Slovenia Grid".
EPSG:3794, "Slovenia 1996 / Slovene National Grid", with Sloven name
"D96 / TM".

With EPSG:31275, the easting and northing coordinates would 
be seven-digit inside Slovenia.
With EPSG:2170, the northing would be seven-digit and 
the easting would be six-digit, inside Slovenia.  

Since all your coordinates are six-digit (except in the south), 
I think your data must be in either EPSG:3787 or EPSG:3794.
The projection parameters are the same in these two systems, 
but the geodetic datums differ.  If you choose the wrong datum,
your positions will be wrong by about 380 meters.  

If it turns out that your data is given in the MGI datum, 
I think the transformation 

EPSG::15981, "MGI to Slovenia 1996 (1)"

is good for most purposes (accuracy: 1 metre), since "Slovenia 1996"
is very nearly the same as WGS84.    

I hope this helps a little, 
Mikael Rittri
Carmenta AB

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Dear list members,

for a research project I got the Slovenian DEM (25m) but no explanations
nor the description of the coordinate system.

The center coordinates are
center easting:  500000.000000
center northing: 112000.000000

State boundaries of the DEM:

I was unable to find a reasonable answer in the internet, and
http://www.epsg-registry.org/ lists several systems. Is it Gauss-Krueger
based with false easting/northing?
Since I have no reference point, I was unable to guess it.

thanks in advance for a hint,
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