[Proj] Whew, in spite of the damnable distribution software

Roger Oberholtzer roger at opq.se
Mon May 18 14:58:35 EST 2009

On May 18, 2009, at 9:28 PM, Gerald I. Evenden wrote:

> On Monday 18 May 2009 2:59:41 pm Christopher Barker wrote:
>> Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
>>> Just an added note: in the case of Windows why not just distribute  
>>> a DLL
>>> and *.exe's.?  If someone want the sources, then they are  
>>> responsible for
>>> dealing with the configure for DOS.
>> That is how it's usually done, but hen you need to compile them.
>> MinGW+Msys is on option, or cygwin with the -mingw flag (to get  
>> binaries
>> that don't depend on cygwin)
>> -Chris
> A quick look at the MinGW+MSYS web site makes it seem like the choice.
> Are there any other comments on this suggestion?  Especially from  
> nay-sayers
> and critics.
> One thing that comes to mind: I have a 64 bit machine.  How is that  
> going to
> confuse the above operations?  Compile different exe's?
> Other details about pthread and GSL library options.  How to handle  
> said
> options has to be dealt with.
> Thanks for the suggestion.

You might also consider the openSUSE build service, which can make the  
various packages automatically. This includes many Linux platforms as  
well as Windows. You do not need to maintain the systems on which you  
want to build things.


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